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Our tools, advice and support will allow you to grow your company value faster, better, smarter.

We build company value...transforming busy entrepreneurial businesses into polished, disciplined shiny objects.

The transition from a small, fluid operation to a more disciplined firm is not easy. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you struggle with time issues. Limited budgets. No business support. And the lack of a clear roadmap to keep you on course for success.

That’s why Lighthouse 360 developed a suite of powerful business development services and tools, drawing from our rich expertise, to make the shift to a more profitable business model relatively painless. We’ve taken the complexity out of corporate, streamlined our learnings and tied it all up in a business assessment, planning and business support package that will elevate your company to a more professional level. Not to mention, one-on-one mentoring from esteemed corporate veterans who have led double digit growth for big brand companies. Let our wisdom rub off on you.

Bringing order out of chaos

Our business development services include:

  • Advisory Services – one-on-one advice and business support to help you with your most pressing business issues. We’ll draw on knowledge and expertise from our deep operating experience, successful CEO client base, and broad strategic advisory roledex to get you where you want!

  • Plan on a Page - It’s simple, pragmatic and it works: Yes, we’ve condensed our world-class business plan template into just one easy page – explicitly designed for the time-crunched lives of busy entrepreneurs like you. Let us show you how to use it to greatest effect each day to:
    • Align your employees
    • Focus your activities
    • Allocate your resources
    • Run more efficiently
  • 360 º Customer Feedback – As part of our business development services, you can also receive invaluable feedback from your clients and associates in order to better understand your strengths, weaknesses – and market opportunities. On request, Lighthouse 360 can work closely with you to extract a goldmine of information from your closest customers, competitors, stakeholders and suppliers. With this research in hand, we will be brilliantly poised to fix what’s broken, reinforce what works – and equip you for peak performance and improved results going forward.
  • FREE Business Assessment
    Of course, it all starts with knowing where you stand today. We encourage you to take our free business assessment which will evaluate the growth stage your business is currently at, and help determine what will be required to move forward.
  • Speaking and Workshop Engagements
    Looking to book a highly engaging and enriching keynote for your business group or function? Our president and founder Bruce Hunter speaks regularly at select events on a range of compelling business development topics.


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