President’s Message

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My 360º vision for your success

Navigating today’s complex business environment is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially for smaller and mid-sized businesses like yours.

I built Lighthouse 360 to act as a strong beacon for growing businesses and their leadership teams.  In particular, businessees at that vital stage where business owners are transforming from Entrepreneur to Chief Executive, intent on upping their game and that of their businesses. Lighthouse 360 helps direct and instill greater confidence, discipline and deeper managerial knowledge to support that transformation.

After 25 years at the helm of Canadian juggernauts and many years of providing guidance to entrepreneurs, I feel uniquely positioned to provide that growth mentorship. I truly enjoy sharing the expertise I have gained from Fortune 500 companies with so many leaders of smaller, earlier stage enterprises, hungry for enlightenment and a clear path forward. The right tools, processes and strategies that Lighthouse 360 provides has profound relevance for anyone who values excellence, welcomes change and is ready for bigger and better things in business and life.

Learn to apply these “jealously guarded” management secrets to your business and, very simply, and the world is your oyster: More customers. Less risk as you grow. Greater profitability. I invite you to let us show you how.


P. Bruce Hunter

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