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Here are just a few of many kind words from our Lighthouse 360 associates and clients.


Lighthouse 360 is terrific!  They provided keen insight, counsel and fresh thinking to our business and leadership team over a number of years.  Their unique combination of operating experience and down to earth style makes them a terrific asset for any business.  We highly recommend them!

Dean Chudleigh, President, Chudleigh’s

Fresh. Insightful. Practical. These are words that come to mind when I think of Bruce and Lighthouse 360. They combine the rigor of a corporate environment with the fluidity of his work with entrepreneurs. The result is a disciplined approach that produces results. And isn't that what business is about? Lighthouse 360 is worth every cent they ask for and we will work together again in the future.

Derek Lackey, Partner, e10 egency, Inc

Through his work at Lighthouse, Bruce inspires entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike to reach new heights in their businesses. I’ve known Bruce for years and he never ceases to amaze me on how well informed he is. In his role as coach and mentor he keeps me focused on what’s important – in his role as consultant and advisor he points me in the right direction. Thank you for your friendship and wise counsel.”
Bill Holland, President of Mandrake, CEO Advisory Services 

Lighthouse 360 came highly recommended by a number of close business Associates. They have an unusual ability to bring Fortune 500 smarts and discipline to the small and medium size business and business owner. The pragmatic approach to leadership and business is refreshing (and Bruce’s sense of humour certainly helps the process and breaks through difficult issues). As an author, experienced business leader and now advisor to hundreds of C-Level business leaders, Bruce and his Lighthouse 360 business creates long-lasting relationships and value to those with whom he works. He delivers.

Chuck Wilson Executive Vice President, Eastern Canada and Head, Global Accounts at AON Reed Stenhouse Inc.

I highly recommend Lighthouse 360 to any senior decision maker looking for sage and pragmatic advice or other help in growing business. They are experienced corporate executives who have successfully taken and used thought leadership and discipline to address the needs of private companies. Bruce himself is an engaging author, capable business owner, dynamic speaker and trustworthy coach to the C-suite of both large and mid-sized companies. He's been very helpful to me - and his company will be great for you!

Steve Bowering, CEO, execugo!media

Lighthouse 360 has provided great strategic coaching and mentoring to the business. Their insight and large corporate experience is helping to shape future offerings for our growing customer base. I would recommend them to any growth-minded small business owner without hesitation.

Saqib Hassan, President & Co-Founder, TrainingFolks

Bruce is a focused and consistent thinker. He has great depth and a very practical approach to business issues. He is a dynamic individual who can herd cats, and keep team members on point.

Robert Gold, Managing Partner, Bennett Gold LLP / Web Trust/SysTrust

Bruce is an exceptional and seasoned strategic thinker who's demonstrated pragmatism in today's complex business environment - I trust and value his insights.

Randy Weyersberg, Chief Marketing Officer, The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc.

While I like Bruce immensely as a person, one could argue that my business relationship with him is strictly selfish. That's because Bruce and his Lighthouse 360 business makes me better at what I do. When I first met Bruce, he was the client and I was the agency. He pushed, challenged, and championed better work and made me better and smarter as a result. Now, as an entrepreneur building a company with both feet solidly in the fast changing world of new media, Bruce has become an open, honest and insightful counselor. Our roles have changed, but the dynamic remains, Bruce makes me better by both challenging the tried and true but also by respecting some of the never ending truths of business. With an exceptionally high degree of integrity, honesty and smarts, Bruce and his team at Lighthouse 360 are just good guys to have in your corner.

Rob Tait, President, Fresh Baked Entertainment

Lighthouse 360 is quick to clarify key issues and offer thoughtful, strategic solutions. They have been important advisors for my business and I would recommend them to all business leaders - they will help you navigate out of the fog and find clarity.”
Rob Grand, Owner, GrassRootsstore.com

“Lighthouse 360 helped us figure out who we were as a company, what we were good at and how to take that to market through a branding strategy. They helped us "see through the fog" as they put it. It's so much easier to get where you're going when you can see the path to get there!

Paul Stevens General Manager at DSN Chemical Transportation

Bruce is a business strategy expert and has a genuine interest in developing and analyzing strategies to make businesses stronger. As an author on the subject of business strategy, Bruce is an evangelist for developing concise strategic plans that start with the articulation of realistic goals followed by a process for management to achieve these goals and a steady follow up methodology for tracking progress. His business Lighthouse 360 is a pleasure to work with and you can expect creative ideas that will add value to your company.

Jim Kabrajee, Owner, Marshall Fenn Communications

Bruce's book "Fog Lights" has earned him the well-deserved title of "thought leader". His seminars -- based on his best-selling book -- have also garnered national attention for their originality. Bruce has always shown a commitment to life-long learning. It is his thirst for new ideas and new approaches that makes his advice to business owners and professionals so timely and valuable. Read his book, use Lighthouse 360, join his TEC group and prepare to grow and learn.

Tom Deans Ph.D., Owner, Détente Financial Press


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