Are you one of the 95% of small and medium size businesses that has no formal written plan? 
If so, you're losing out on 40% of the growth and prosperity you could be enjoying!
It’s a fact.

A single page with the power to transform your business

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Complete our easy one page navigation system and get on track to sustained growth

Complex and time consuming. That’s the widespread view of professional business plans among busy entrepreneurs. And it’s the reason why so many of you – a shocking number-- just don’t have them. Plans sit on your desk, half completed, gathering dust while you get on with what matters most. Thank goodness those days are over.

Lighthouse 360 has transformed and simplified the “plan” as we know it. We have distilled the essence of the most successful planning and strategy documents into a highly efficient one-page template to accommodate your busy lives.

So get ready. You are just a few hours and one page away from improved business focus, execution and growth

Simple to complete and easy to follow, our “business rudder” will immediately:

  • Improve your focus and business execution.
  • Help you navigate toward business excellence
  • Measurably improve your business growth over the short and long term.

This powerful tool has been used to drive both companies with sales in the billions – and modest sole proprietors. Let Lighthouse 360 help you build it and then let’s set it into action together.

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