100-plus top-tier clients can’t be wrong

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Deep operating experience, great customer success stories and powerful techniques...in service of you and your business!

There are countless management consultants out there, but Lighthouse 360 is different.

Our outstanding credentials, simple, actionable growth tools, top flight client base and devoted focus on helping businesses transition to greater value and success are the keys that set us apart.

The business leaders who work with us say we’re a cut above. These are some reasons why they tell us we are valued:

  • Esteemed Credentials
    Lighthouse 360 has contributed to the success of more than 100 companies, ranging in size from single owner/operator to multinational juggernauts. Our founder Bruce Hunter is well known as a top flight general manager, strategist, marketer and a highly regarded advisor to leading Canadian CEOs.
  • Fortune 500 to Entrepreneur client base
    One glance at our testimonials and you can see that some of the best-known brand leaders in Canada have turned to Lighthouse 360 for business guidance and support. In equal measure, we have helped many small and medium enterprises polish their operations, streamline their systems and set due course for higher performance and value.
  • Focus on businesses ready for growth
    Our sweet spot is that company "on the grow". Those enterprises that have come to realize they need to change their game in order to get their businesses to the next stage of profitability and value. We provide a streamlined system and a knowledge base – drawing on our rich  expertise-- explicitly for these businesses to allow them to move ahead quickly and easily.
  • Simple, fast and actionable tools and processes
    We bring business leaders fast and easy systems and tools. In fact, you can work our entire system from just one page and get going in just a few hours.

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