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A FREE business self-assessment for you and your company

Start the process of building the value of your business with this self-assessment!

Are you an Architect or a Conqueror? An Engineer or Conductor? Knowing your growth stage through this easy business  assessment will allow you to better identify opportunities to super-charge your business value.  It is the starting point for developing a practical roadmap to move your company to the next level of success and returns.

A Lighthouse 360 Business Assessment will give you a clear view ahead

Above all else, this business assessment will give you a realistic view of where you are in a typical company growth cycle—and where you are headed on your present course. Upon completion, you will receive your score and read about your stage, at no cost or obligation. You will then be ideally poised to embark on a growth journey with Lighthouse 360. We can work closely to more fully interpret your business assessment score and implement a workable plan to refine and improve your company’s operations, sales, revenues and overall structure.

Remember to total your score before you submit your questionnaire!  Simply add your score from each of the 25 questions to calculate your score.


Approximate Number of Employees:: *
Industry: *
1. Priorities & Resource Allocation. (1 = no regular meetings to review priorities. 5 = meet regularly to set and review priorities): 

2. Liquidity. (1 = cash strapped. 5 = Cash is not an issue for us.): 

3. Planning. (1 = no written business plan. 5 = comprehensive written business plans.): 

4. Management structure. (1 = Employees wear many hats. 5 = Roles and responsibilities are well defined.): 

5. Planning Horizon. (1 = Day to day. 5 = Long term.: 

6. Business Processes. (1 = Figure it out as we go. 5 = Well defined and structured.): 

7. Employee Development. (1 = Few development programs. 5 = Well established programs.): 

8. Technology. (1 = Very limited tech infrastructure. 5 = Strong tech infrastructure.: 

9. Metrics. (1 = Guided mostly by intuition. 5 = Metrics are key to guiding us.): 

10. Decision-making. (1 = CEO makes all key decisions. 5 = Decisions are collaborative.): 

11. Strategic Leadership. (1 = leaders are very involved in day to day. 5 = Leaders do not work "in" the business.: 

12. Organizational climate. (1 = Frenetic. 5 = Change comes around slowly.): 

13. Organizational purpose. (1 = Our company direction is crystal clear. 5 = Our path forward is uncertain.): 

14. Customer focus. (1 = Customer centric. 5 = We are increasingly inwardly focused.): 

15. Business growth. (1 = Growth is exponential. 5 = Lack of growth is a concern.): 

16. Competitive Knowledge. ( 1 = Knowledge of competition is low. 5 = High competitive insight.): 

17. Focus. (1 = We respond to every fire. 5 = We are very focused.): 

18. Organizational flexibility. (1 = Very nimble. 5 = Slow to react to change.): 

19. Risk management. (1 = We embrace risk. 5 = We are risk averse.): 

20. Managing Employees. (1 = Our HR policies are ad hoc. 5 = Our HR policies are well defined.): 

21. Specialized Resources. (1 = few to no in-house resources. 5 = An abundance of specialized in-house resources.: 

22. Demand Forecasting. (1 = Forecasting is day to day. 5 = We have a strong forecasting system.): 

23. Succession Planning. (1 = no succession plan. 5 = Succession plan is reviewed regularly.): 

24. Employee composition. (1 = most current employees started with us. 5 = Few employees started with us.): 

25. Leadership alignment. (1 = Our leadership is united. 5 = Our leadership is divided.): 

Prior to submitting your questionnaire, please add up each of your numerical responses.  This number is your company score and will place your company in one of the five organizational growth stages.  A scoring key and growth stage summary is available for free download. Please feel free to contact us should you require further information on your score or how we may be of service. 

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