Lighthouse 360 has contributed to the success of more than 100 companies, ranging in size from single owner/operator to multinational juggernauts. We look forward to making your business our next success story.

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Just three steps to drive up the value of your company!

3-Steps Diagram

Step One:  Diagnose.

It starts with knowing where you are.  Start with our Free Assessment and half hour consultation.  We'll build a program that makes sense for you and your business.

Step Two:  Design.

Using our proprietary One Page Planning System, you'll build a roadmap for you and your business.  Simple, pragmatic and market-tested.

Step Three:  Deploy.

Without execution, the best plan is only words on a piece of paper.  We'll help put a system in place to ensure you execute with excellence!


We're different.

We've walked in your shoes.  Our direct operating experience guides our advice and counsel to the many businesses we serve.  Real-world, pragmatic, simple.  Our tools are built for action.

Our tools and programs:

  • A Free Business Assessment that helps you determine what growth stage your business is at on a spectrum from start-up to mega business.

  • A "Value" Diagnostic.  We provide an overview of what your business might be worth today...but more importantly, what it could be worth with a little polish.  We also will help point to the most critical areas needed to drive value!

  • A One Page Business Plan that enables you to create a clear roadmap to achieve your goals and get where you want to be

  • A Follow-Up System that keeps you accountable and on track to execute the plan successfully


Let us help unlock
the value in your business today.


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