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We’ve worked with some of the best.

They are creative, driven and energetic. They value real talk. They want action and are pragmatic. They are committed to continuous improvement and learning, for themselves and their organizations. They have the confidence to look to others for counsel.

Underneath this, lies knowledge that they and their businesses may have reached a critical point in their evolution. New skills need to be developed and brought to bear. New directions sought. The have the confidence to reach out and try new things. They seek growth in all they do.




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  • Ruggedcom

  • Corus Entertainment

  • Digital Cement

  • McMcaster University, DeGroote School of Business

  • Astra Zeneca

  • National Bank Financial

  • Gordon Foodservice

  • Sixthsense

  • Chudleigh’s

  • Explorer

  • Berkeley Street

  • Marshall Fenn Advertising

  • Entripy

  • Green Grass One


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